“Michael’s work made our project go from amateur to pro almost immediately. He’s a breeze to work with and a top notch professional with a ridiculous work ethic.”
– Andrew Polk, Massive Fraud
Michael has what every director wants: a keen eye, a listening ear, and a vivid and flexible imagination. He cares about accuracy, pursues tasks with joy, and is driven by the passion of a true craftsman. He will make your project better.
– Duncan Pace, Writer/Director
“I’ve worked with Michael on several occasions. He naturally has an eye for a creative shot. Watch the opening shot of our short ‘Beg’ and see what I’m talking about. He continues to grow on every film we work on. Dude can hold a conversation too. I’m excited to work with him again in the future.”
“Through the years I’ve seen Michael fill many different roles from DP to editor. He’s not only a creative and hard worker but also humble. Having him on set is a pleasure each and every time.”
– Adam Henslee & Kyle Wigginton, Collaborative Stories
Michael and I produced a music documentary series and several internationally-published stories for Vice. He was an excellent photographer, editor, and a consummate professional in all other areas of our work together. I confidently recommend him.
– Mason Miller, Journalist
Michael is a unique talent behind the camera. He has the eye that lets you put 100 percent trust in him. His work to me highlights the dreamlike qualities of nature while shooting his human subjects with a crispness that captures the truth of the moment. Working with him on various projects, I am always amazed how he seems to find the shot you didn’t know you needed.
– Daniel Woods, Mockingbird Photos
“I’ve worked with Michael on a number of film projects, and he always brings his A-game. His passion for quality is inspiring. I’m always looking forward to the next project we can team up on”
– Benjamin Samuels, Filmmaker/Animator